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The World of Wild West Series 2 season 1-10 series (2018)

Второй сезон американского сериала WestWorld: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 серии

The loudest discovery of modern cinema, many critics have called the TV series World of the Wild West, created as a continuation of the same film, shot according to the script of the American writer Michael Crichton. At one time, this scenario was a real discovery, because he was the first to show the world several fantastic concepts. First, in it we saw robots that are completely identical to humans both externally and in behavior — but they are not used as human friends, nor even as servants.

In the world of the wild west, robots, called hosts, are simply slaves that can be used as you please. You pay money - and the host will be to you both the bartender, and a friend for adventure, and a woman for pleasure. And if you get tired - you can kill, and nothing will happen for it. At night, the host will be repaired and will erase the memory - tomorrow he will again carry out all the orders of his masters. The second idea that emerged in the WestWorld universe is that such a robot can rebel against its oppressors. If in the movie the reason for this was a computer virus, then in the series of the same name everything is much more complicated and confusing. What is there - by the number of secrets and mysteries per minute of airtime, the new HBO project leaves far behind everything that you could see before.

That is exactly the revolt of the hosts in the majority and will be devoted to the second season. Watch the entire series of the 2nd season of the World of the Wild West series in full. The official Russian website offers an opportunity to go on the air on TV. There is a voice of Cubic in Cuba, Lostfilm, Coldfilm and other popular studios. In total, there will be 10 episodes in the 2nd season, one series per week, the release date of the premiere series took place on April 22, 2018.

The plot of the World of Wild West series revolves around an amusement park, where thousands of hosts play their roles in the global scenario - the development of wild American lands in the late nineteenth century. There are sheriffs and prostitute hosts, wild Indians and soldiers of the civil war, and every guest who is willing to pay several thousand dollars for each day of their stay here gets the best impressions of total immersion in this historical era. There are dozens of small quests for every taste - you can be a guardian of the law, and a robber, look for Confederate gold or study the habits of local tribes. Some even come with their whole families to spend time away from the bustle of the city, enjoying the pristine nature. However, very few people go so far - if you can arrange a shootout in a bar, kill a couple of hosts and take a scalp, why bother with a complicated story campaign, if you can even arrange a GTA-style carnage every day? By the way, it was this game that inspired the creators.

In 2018, the new season of the Wild West World 2 came out, the schedule of series in it did not change. As usual, every week a new series is released, which Amedia immediately puts in the Russian voice acting and can be viewed in high quality simultaneously with the whole world. It is expected that in the new season, we will finally reveal the secret of the old connection between Man in Black, Ford and Arnold - but this also means that there will be twice as many new heroes with their secrets.


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