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TV Series Kitchen: War for the Hotel - new episodes in December 2019!

Сериал Кухня: Война за отель 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 серии

Recently, we learned news that literally stirred up the Internet. The series Kitchen is back - and it’s not prank, not a scam for likes and not even an April Fool’s joke, April has already passed! Indeed, the STS channel decided to release the new Season 7 of Kitchen, or rather, a whole new series called Kitchen War for the Hotel , which is already on the network and can be watched in good quality right now. In order not to mislead you, we’ll immediately tell you about the format of this premiere. This is really a new Kitchen, but not the 7th season that they have been waiting for, but a full-fledged and independent series called Kitchen The War for the Hotel, but nevertheless the plot is a direct continuation of the history of the Kitchen universe. Like Marvel, but not about superheroes, but about supercooked foods. The series Grand, Hotel Eleon, Senya Fedya have already been released, but what do you think they lacked the most? More precisely, not what, but whom?

And they lacked two people - Chef and Dima, that is, Victor Barinov and Dmitry Nagiyev. In the new series, called the Kitchen War for the Hotel, they will appear, and again we will be able to watch the incredibly bright acting fans of Dmitry Nazarov and Dmitry Nagiev. And no, we did not seal ourselves, the second in the new series really plays the role of himself. But how did all these people return to the project, which was closed, and they themselves even left it a few years ago?

According to the plot of the new series, all these people gathered together Eleanor Andreevna, the former mistress of the hotel Eleon. Once upon a time, she married Nagiyev, but the marriage was very unsuccessful. It turned out that Dima married her only for the sake of inheritance, and when all this was revealed, there was a very big divorce with a scandal. Then everything somehow calmed down, and about the woe-actor was not heard.

And then he again loomed on the horizon of the restaurant business. True, now it’s not in Moscow, but in Sochi, where he decided to open his own hotel, the largest in the country. It was here that Eleanor had a plan to punish the former for the past and future shoals of the former. At first, she simply thought to squeeze his business from him, leaving her with nothing, but this is expensive and commonplace, and revenge should bring not only moral, but also material satisfaction. Therefore, Elia decided to do everything more exquisitely, feminine pretentious. She decided at first to really squeeze the hotel from Dima, having bought it first, but then to sell it back to him. What is revenge - you ask. But here's the thing - she will buy a killed guest for a penny, then untwist and sell for hundreds of millions. Still do not understand what is in her idea? All viewers will be able to watch online the TV series Kitchen 7 season from December 2, 2019 on the STS channel.

It's simple - they will sell all the same killed guest, but under the guise and at the price of the best hotel in the country. To create such an illusion, Elya needs her old team Chef and his disabled people, but after them a lot of people who we know from the first days of the restaurant Claude Monet were reaching for the sunny city of Sochi


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