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Univer New hostel - release date of series 2017

Half of spring has already passed, and now the question is tormenting us all - when will the new season of Univer come out? After all, the previous one ended last year, and now it’s time for the TNT channel to give the audience the long-awaited continuation of the series. Immediately after the premiere, you will have the opportunity to watch Univer: New hostel season 12 online faster than on TV at http://univernew.info/12-sezon/ is absolutely free. There were at least two options for the release of the new series. Either in the spring of 2017, or only in the autumn - however, it seemed to be less believable.

Now, due to the fact that the first announcements were made on the TV channel, we know for sure that the date for the premiere of the new season is set for May 15, 2017, and we will see the continuation of the adventures of our favorite Uniwier heroes in less than two weeks! This is very good, because even before one of the new Univers seasons, his fans didn’t have as many questions as before. A lot of events happened to each of the characters, and their lives will change forever. Anton threw Christina, Michael broke up with Varya, but Valya and Masha were reconciled, and Yana and her Gopnik are fine. If so much everything happened in the eleventh season - it’s even scary to imagine what awaits us in the new 12th season of Univer on TNT.

Release date of the series 12 season in 2017:

Series 1 - May 15;
Series 2 - May 16;
Series 3 - May 17;
Series 4 - May 18
Series 5 - May 22;
Series 6 - May 23;
Series 7 - May 24;
Series May 8 - 25
Series 9 - May 29;
Series 10 - May 30;
Series 11 - May 31;
Series June 12 - 1
Series 13 - June 5;
Series 14 - June 6;
Series 15 - June 7;
Series June 16 - 8
Series June 17 - 12;
Series June 18 - 13;
Series June 19 - 14;
Series June 20 - 15

Series 21 (Season 13, Series 1) is likely to be in the fall of 2017.

Trailer / Preview

Source: http://univernew.info/


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