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The beginning of the new 2020 was marked for the Start video service by the release of several series at once, or rather, the premiere of new seasons. At the same time, they were not comedies or something similar in a genre that was easy to watch. Just a few very sharp dramas saw the light precisely thanks to the Start, and it was at the beginning of this year that their sequels came out.

Previously, we already wrote about some of these paintings, and today we will talk about the series of the Container, which was directed by Konstantin Bogomolov, in the second season losing his chair to Daria Zhuk. The title of the series “ The Container” season 2 at first glance may be misleading, like some of its trailers, and you might think that this will be a picture about women who are used to living off rich men. Just starting to watch the first few episodes, we realized that everything here is not the way it actually looked. The main characters here are really women, but at the same time they support their men, even if not directly.

We see here several successful men - wealthy, influential and envious, but in fact, behind each of them is a woman, not only figuratively, but also in the most direct sense, they owe their position to their wives or lovers.

This world has its own rules, very rich people decided that it is possible to play the fate of all those who are poorer than them, and find their sophisticated pleasure in this. It is in their power to make a modest girl from the province the director of the gallery of modern art, and send the provincial guy who happened to be at the wrong time and in the wrong place to jail. Absolute power is what these people are ready to do anything for. There was only one rule - you can play with your own, but do not flirt, and all someone violated it ...

First, someone killed the mistress of a large Moscow official, and it was unlikely to be a simple household routine, this person solves too many important issues, and then it turned out that he was not her only boyfriend. Then they killed the wife of the oligarch, who was another lover of this official, and the clouds began to gather. Previously, the police knew who should not be touched, and who could, but now this system has failed. Investigator Lena Shirokova resigned from the police and herself became the lover of this oligarch, although until recently she was ready to do anything to get to the bottom of the truth - but she seemed tired and surrendered. You can always listen to all the songs and other music from the series of the Container on online at

Maxim Glushkov, her colleague, on the contrary decided to understand the situation, and when the third murder of a man who had too many halls about the world of the Moscow elite happened, he decided to bring this matter to an end and bring to the clear the man who decided to violate all written and unwritten regulations...


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