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Series Senya Fedya season 2 - all episodes in HD (2019)

Второй сезон русского сериала Сеня Федя: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 серии

The kitchen on wheels is a wonderful invention of mankind. It's cool - food goes to a person! In order for their beloved business to earn money, Senya and Fedya are always going to come at their restaurant on wheels to those places where there are a lot of people. Guys take on the most difficult orders and are ready to feed the most fastidious visitors.

Since May 13, 2019, the STS television channel has continued the comedy series about two friends, Senya and Fedi, who always try to earn more money for themselves and their family. Now you know the official release date for the new season of the series # Senya Fedya, and this is 05/13/2019.

The series goes on the STS channel at 20:00 Moscow time. But many modern people do not have a TV, and now the audience has a completely different question. And where can you watch the Senya Fedya series online and in good quality before broadcasting on TV? And we also have an answer to this question. All episodes of the season 2 of the series Senya Fedya before showing on TV and in high quality, watch online at

The plot of the series Senya Fedya revolves around two guys, Senya - a specialist in meat, Fedya - in fish. They are best friends not only at work, but also in their personal lives - they always help each other out. In the 2nd season of "# Senya Fedya" there will be enough laughter, incomparable jokes of a couple of Senya Fedya, a lot of new and tasty dishes prepared by them. There will be many difficulties on their way. Senya and Fedya will decide (and mainly peacefully!) Who will be the main in this culinary tandem. In a small business there are always plenty of problems - you need to know a lot, keep up and do.

In 2019, a new season 2 # Senya Fedya was released, the schedule for the release of new episodes in it has not changed. As usual, every week, from Monday to Thursday, 1 episode per day is released (4 episodes per week). In the first season there were only 11 episodes, but in the second there should be much more. Senya Fedya Season 2, Episode 1 online is already available for viewing online on the official website . All episodes of the second season can also be found on the site without any problems and watch completely in good HD quality and without advertising.


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