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Series Island season 2 online (2018). Released season 3 of the television series!

Сериал Остров 3 сезон все серии смотреть до эфира (2019)

Island Season 2 is the hottest comedy in the world. In any case, this is the opinion of its authors - screenwriters and producers of the TNT channel. It is hot because the action does not take place in the inhospitable and gloomy Russian cities familiar to everyone, but on the warm ocean in the fictional country of Senam. She is also hot because half of the main characters are sultry beauties for every taste and age. Starting from the modest red-haired Margot and young brunette Nadia, and ending with two blondes - a bitchy socialite Olya and self-confident boss Tamara. But what did these girls forget in the middle of the vast expanse of water?

For the whole of February and March 2018, viewers can watch all episodes of the second season online in HD quality on the website faster at least one day before showing on TNT. The plot of the series Island 2 season begins with the fact that a dozen different people were on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. Almost all of them are participants in the show of the same name. Young people dreamed of winning the new version of the show Dom-2, filmed in the tropics, and receiving a prize of two million rubles. Fate decided otherwise - all the shooting equipment drowned along with the ship that brought the participants, and they were left in the middle of the ocean without food, communications, and any hope of escape.

Maybe someone would have dreamed of being in the place of these modern Robinsons, but not these guys. Spoiled by metropolitan life, noisy parties and expensive cocktails, the Russians found themselves in a completely new environment for them, where only sand and palm trees - and around the endless sea teeming with pirates ... All series of the Islands in a row they find some small chance of salvation, but each once something incredible happens, which again makes them helplessly stick out hundreds of miles from civilization.

Either they will drown the only phone, or they will knock down the plane with a signal rocket, or the suitcase with clothes will destroy the last chance to escape - it seems that the god of television, if any, punishes these losers ... And so all 72 episodes, 24 in each season.

The new season of the Island on TNT came out in the winter of 2018 - those who made the series schedule specially thought that in the most severe frost we would be warmed by a comedy about a hot tropical beach ... Every day a new series comes out on our website - you can always watch it in a day to air, and also with us you can subscribe to the newsletter and each time a notification about the release of new episodes to watch them before everyone else! The release date of the 3rd season of the television series is waiting for us in the fall of 2018 or in the spring of 2019, it all depends on the workload of the TNT channel by other projects. In any case, there is not much to wait.

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