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A policeman with a ruble in Beskudnikovo - what can the spectators expect from the second season?

If the series “Police with Rublevka” with the slogan “Law and Order. Expensive” began, then by the beginning of the second season financial affairs are no longer going as successfully as they would like. The new second season of the series was called " Policeman from Rublyovki Season 2. In Beskudnikovo" and his slogan was the phrase "Law and Order at a discount", and it becomes clear to viewers what will be the basis of his plot.

So, what can we expect from the new TNT premiere? As you know, the police authorities for a long time tolerated all the wonders that were characteristic of the Rublevskiy OVD - his employees had very good connections at all levels, and the detection rate kept a certain degree at a reasonable level. Only the most recent case of operas, when each of them violated several articles of the criminal code, was the last straw, after which the general could no longer cover the "Rublevsky". True, he could not punish them either.

Instead, the guys got the link almost hard labor - to work in the poorest department of the interior with the highest crime, in the Beskudnikovsky district in the north of Moscow. There are many times more work here than they are used to doing at home, and it’s unrealistic to get money from most of the criminal contingent, but if this was the end of the trouble, Volodya’s boss could still live and live happily, but not.

Mukhich every day proves that he is done for, and Grisha does not miss the opportunity to remind the boss that he is a demon and that Satan does not order him to leave Vova alone. The chief realizes that the day will come when either he will kill one of them, or they will. But first, it is necessary to solve at least a few criminal cases, which have accumulated a lot with the previous composition of the site.

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