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In February 2018, watch the space series "Team B" from STS!

Сериал Команда Б все серии смотреть до эфира (2018)

In the winter of 2018, the STS channel launched a new comedy television series, Team B Online , which opened a completely new direction for the Russian comedy - space program. In the center of the plot is a young team that was recruited practically from the street, and it consists of five participants - Misha Volkov (first pilot), Sveta Markina (a research fellow who is in love with the first pilot), Sasha Ruban (engineer - "girl with eggs" "which can give odds to any peasant, a former spetsnaz officer), Yegor Skvornyakov (co-pilot, does not use his mental abilities very much, but follows practically reflexes but knows his own business), Stas Mutasov (a team doctor who wants to sleep with each girl, but on only a few receive the fact.

In addition to the experimental team B, there is another "A" team in the training camp, which is the main contender for entering the orbit. The creation of two teams is a pilot project of the general and the commander in chief, which should raise the professionalism and skills of future cosmonauts who will be seen by the planet. First there was no doubt that the orbit will be conquered by the main team, which is already the first month of training. After the participants of "Team B" learned that there is a chance to see the planet alive - the situation has changed.

It is known that the premiere of the first season of the comedy series took place on February 19 on the channel STS. Already in this day on the site was placed the first five series, which everyone can watch free of charge in good quality. This trend continues, so all the new series can be viewed on the portal a week before the official premiere.


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