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Ivanov-Ivanov season 4 - new series in November 2019!

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Many series on many channels are advertised as the best, and some of them can even really be called such. You can highlight the best series about sports, the best action movie or detectives, and of course - the funniest comedy. But today we will talk about the best family series, which is just coming out right now. This is the comedy Ivanov-Ivanov production of the STS television channel. In 2019, a whole 4 season of the Ivanov-Ivanov series was released, but today we’ll talk about everything in order.

Beginning two years ago, the Ivanov-Ivanov series showed us a fresh look at the situation that we have already seen many times on the screens. They were confused in the maternity hospital - as a whole, one can describe the fate of the main characters, two teenagers, Vanya Ivanova and Danila IvaNova. True, until the sixteenth birthday everything was fine, while the truth that they had spent their whole lives in other people's families was not revealed. Then it turned out that Vanya, the son of poor parents, grew up in the family of one of the richest people in the city, the owner of the auto show, Anton Ivanov. And Danila, the heir to this Anton himself, instead received his parents, who are called "socially vulnerable layers of the population" in statistics. So the son of rich parents grew up in a poor family, and vice versa, and when the boys' birthday came, the secret of their past was accidentally revealed.

Then the chain of accidents continued. The rich son moved to his poor, real parents, and accidentally burned their house. Once on the street, he had only one option - to move back to the family that raised him and with whom he had already quarreled, Vanya returned to them anyway. And now they all began to live with the six, or rather, even eight people under one roof. Vanya and his parents, Danya and his parents, and also a servant and grandfather. This whole friendly family huddles in the big house of the rich Ivanovs, and if the poor family turned into paradise, then for others, hell on earth began.

True, then everything changed again. Anton Ivanov lost his business and became bankrupt, while Lesha brought to life his old business idea and finally got the wealth he had been dreaming of for many years. Children have grown up. and they also began an adult life. Vanya became a family man and got a job at a car dealership that her dad had previously owned. Danya, as before, remained the same gouging, who, instead of studying, only thinks how to seduce another beauty.

If the Ivanov-Ivanov series online began with a story about two children who were confused at birth, now it continues as a very adult movie about two young men who take their first steps in adulthood. If their parents used to teach their children how they knew how to do it, then now everything is the other way around - and it is the young Ivanovs who help their mothers and fathers cope with various challenges of the modern world. But this is even funnier now than before!


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