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The series "Ivanov-Ivanov" season 2 - release date March 19, 2018

Ивановы-Ивановы новый сезон дата выхода до эфира (2018)

Since March 19, 2018, the new season of one of the most popular comedies - Ivanov-Ivanovs online, has been released on the Internet, which is shot by Yellow, Black and White and Pick Up Film by order of STS and the START Internet service. If we, like you, hear about Pick Up Film for the first time, then the film studio Yellow, Black and White, for short, YBW, has been known to Russian and Ukrainian viewers for a very long time. Series such as Hotel Eleon and the Kitchen, various full-length comedies and entertainment shows, even Daddy’s daughters, who have been familiar from almost their childhood, are all their work.

And now, in 2018, the series Ivanov-Ivanov season 2 is online . Its official release date is at the end of March, but in fact, new episodes can be watched online much earlier, on March 16 maximum, since the START streaming service always publishes its premieres before the broadcast. True, there will not be five episodes in a row at once, as in the case of some other STS projects, but every day you will find a fresh release. There will be 20 episodes in total, as in the first season. By the way, you still need to tell what exactly this series will be about.

So, the story of the Ivanovs is, in principle, not new; rather, it repeats an almost eternal story about a poor and rich boy who was swapped. It so happened that even at the beginning of the 2000s in one of the Moscow maternity hospitals, almost for an unbelievable coincidence, two children were mixed up - Vanya and Danya. The first was the son of an unemployed alcoholic Alexei Ivanov, and his fate was destined to sleep, like his father, not finding a decent occupation in life. The second was born in a rich and respected family of businessman Anton Ivanov, he was waiting for a big house, a good education and in the future - a place in his father’s business empire. Evil rock intervened and these children fell into the families of others.

Sixteen years passed, and no one would have known about this incident, if suddenly poor Ivanovs had not decided to donate blood for money in order to somehow pay off their debts. There it turned out that this son was clearly not from Lesha. At first there was a scandal, but then an examination showed that his mother was not his mother either. Having spent the last money on a DNA test, Lech and Lida found out that their native child-obtuse had been living in the local Rublevka all this time, and they had raised a prodigy, albeit a stranger.

Many years later, these two families had to meet to discuss how to live further, having learned the truth. And if the rich Ivanov did not immediately like the new relatives, but decency did not allow them to be driven away, then for the poor this meeting is a gift of fate. After all, now you can not just parasitize and idle, as before - but do it on a grand scale, and let the rich pay for everything!

Information on the release date of the series is taken from the site: http://ivanovy.info/novosti/2-sezon-data/


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