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Game of Thrones Season 7: episode release schedule, online viewing and a new story!

Already this Sunday there is a new 7th season of the game “Game of Thrones” - one of the most famous television projects in the world. This fantasy series tells the story of the world of the Seven Kingdoms, in which there is magic, dragons, and many other no less mysterious things. The plot of this series is based on the series of books "Song of Ice and Fire" by the American writer George Martin, which many now compare with John Tolkien.

"Game of Thrones" is an epic saga in which three main storylines and several secondary ones can be distinguished. The main ones coincide with the events of the book, although not completely, but in the secondary scriptwriters got a little more freedom of action. The first and perhaps most important story for the audience is the fate of Daenerys Targaryen, the Crown Princess of the Seven Kingdoms, who lost her right to the throne due to the rash actions of her father, who went down in history as the Mad King. As a result, the monarch was overthrown, he was killed by the closest of his comrades-in-arms, the heir-prince was killed in battle, and Daenerys and his brother Viseris were in exile far from their home. Now the whole sea shares her and her homeland, but having matured, she decided to regain the throne. Having received, according to a long tradition, an invaluable gift - eggs of dragons, she began her difficult path to power. First, as the wife of the ruler of the savages, then as their Khalisi queen, and then as the Chain Destroyer, who wants to save the whole world from slavery and injustice.

The second storyline is the struggle for the throne, which flared up without the participation of Daenerys. After the death of her father, the Stark dynasty came to power, but even they could not hold power for a long time. After the death of Eddard Stark, that he ruled at the moment when the Hand of the King, a new civil war began, which was called the War of the Five Kings, and there will be no peace in these lands for a long time ...

The third, and by the beginning of season 7, the storyline that comes to the fore is the struggle of life and death, ice and fire. In the distant northern lands, where the sun never shone, an ancient evil awoke - white walkers. These animated dead, led by the mysterious King of the Night on a dead horse, want only one thing - to destroy all life and turn the Seven Kingdoms into a lifeless ice desert, the sun over which will never rise.

The new plot of the seventh season consists precisely in the fact that Daenerys Targaryen will have to postpone his royal ambitions in order to stop the white walkers. To do this, she will have to negotiate with friends, forgive the blood enemy and more than once step over herself to protect her people. Winter has come, but whether at least one more spring comes after it depends on whether the living can stop what is dead ...

In season 7 there will be 7 episodes, their schedule is already known.
Episode 1 - July 16, 2017
Episode 2 - July 23, 2017
Episode 3 - July 30, 2017
Episode 4 - August 06, 2017
Episode 5 - August 13, 2017
Episode 6 - August 20, 2017
Episode 7 - August 27, 2017

The release dates, by the way, may change slightly downward - from time to time, new episodes are "leaked" to public access even before they are officially shown on TV.



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