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The new bachelor of season 7 is a television show for the premiere of which we waited for two whole years. The fact is that starting from the distant 2013, new seasons came out quite regularly, every year in the spring, and everyone was already used to what will happen the same, but no. Last year, the show did not work out, although there were more than one or more conversations that they would soon show the new seventh season and the media even wrote that the name of the new protagonist was already known. The first sign that brought the news that something was wrong was information that the name of the main character is changing. At different times it was said that the new Bachelor would be the rapper Guf or the rocker Schnur, or even that Yegor Creed would take part in it for the first time in the history of the project, having the hope of finding his love the second time.

Such rumors were in the eighteenth year, then in the nineteenth, but still there was complete uncertainty, and there were even publications that the TNT channel abandoned this project. And only at the end of autumn it was officially said that the new season will be, and the name of the protagonist is already known. This time, twenty-five beauties will fight for the heart of Anton Krivorotov , a rather popular smile master among Russian celebrities, that is, a dentist.

There is also information that the new season of the Bachelor online will be released approximately in the middle of spring 2020. Here the audience was waiting for even more pleasant news, because it turned out that in fact, there were only a couple of days left before the release date, because it was appointed on March 1, 2020.

And yet, there is practically nothing more to write about the new season, since the traditions of the show are the same every year. On the first day we will be shown the premiere release, it will host the most stringent selection of girls - an evening of acquaintance, after which half will leave home and half will remain to continue the game. Then they’ll shoot four or five issues in Russia, where the girls will go on dates with Anton and try to surprise him in every possible way, performing the tasks of the authors of the show Bachelor season 7 on TNT online .

There should be thirteen issues in total, in each one she will bet on one participant less, and so on until the finale, where in one of the most expensive hotels in the world Anton should choose the one that will become his bride. The show Bachelor-7 on TNT gives girls a chance to try to realize their dream and become a beautiful princess by finding their prince, but the rules are strict and there will be only one ...



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