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Probably all of us have already been waiting for the premiere of the new season 3 series Grand on the Super channel - the very one that is a continuation of the series Kitchen and Hotel Eleon from the STS channel. The creators of the series themselves warmed up the expectation intrigue, because when a film about the film was released a year ago, they said that in the new third season we would have many surprises. They promised that almost everything will change at the hotel, and show a lot of new things. At the end of 2019, it became clear that yes, they really will keep their promise and in the new season we actually showed all the best - the new actors of the series Grand and completely different sets.

And so we waited, waited for us to finally be shown the new season, and waited - the release date is set for a very interesting day, January 1, 2020. Super Channel decided to arrange a New Year premiere when, under the chime of the chimes and the first spoons of Olivier, we immediately got the opportunity to watch several premiere episodes of the new series at once, and then the whole season, which goes on air during January. The patience of the audience was rewarded many times, because the scriptwriters really were able to show the cool 3 season of the series Grand .

If you remember, the second ended with the fact that Lev Glebovich lost his Grand Lyon, his wife pressed him along with all the money. So in an instant he turned into a beggar from a billionaire, but still did not give up, he knows how to earn another billion and only a matter of time when this happens. He has an idea for business - an environmentally friendly hotel for the city, but for this, money is needed first of all. Leo always had a lot of crazy ideas, but there were not always funds to implement them - and now he is bankrupt, therefore he is forced to look for an investor.

Perhaps this is what became the main feature of the third season, because before we had always seen a restaurant and a hotel that had been operating for a long time, and it was very interesting - and now we have been shown a no less exciting moment of the birth of a new project. Lev Glebovich is looking for money, Ksenia, the new manager, is thoroughly preparing the staff for the opening of a new hotel, and her dad Boris Leonidovich is trying to find a common language with the guest workers team, which still cannot finish the repair, and there is less time left.

And the main highlight of the new season was Rita, the daughter of Lev Glebovich, whose role is played by actress Lisa Kononova. Papa spoiled her daughter too much, and when problems with her upbringing nearly brought her to jail, he decided that the best place for this spoiled child was his new hotel, and Ksenia was the best teacher, although she was not much older and was not used to listening to any- then tips.


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