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Watch online season 4 of the series "Fizruk" in May 2017!

From a psychological point of view, people watch TV shows because they lack bright events in real life. "Watching the show is a life with a long-term relationship. It is for these reasons, and not only, people continue to watch the series "Fizruk". Many viewers by this time ask themselves when will Fizruk 4 season on TNT and whether it can be seen in Russia before the air.

We are watching heroes for a long time - this creates the illusion of long-term relationships. A person who watches one series after another, most likely, lacks full-fledged relationships in life, or is in a depressed state. Dependence on such TV series as Fizruk 4 can be equated to overeating, or alcoholism, "- say the researchers at the University of Texas.

Previous seasons have gained great popularity, so the creators decided to continue the franchise and show the audience the TV series Fizruk 4 season, the release date of which will be held in May 2017. The planned number of 20 series of 25 minutes and in good HD quality. Next, a few tips for saving time when watching your favorite videos.

What if you spend too much time watching TV shows?
1. If you watch the series online, turn off the automatic transfer to the next series.
2. Try not to watch the series until the end. 15 minutes before the final, the series becomes more boring. Collect the will into a fist and crawl away from the screen (believe me, you will not lose anything).
3. Fatigue reduces the ability to self-control, so if you watch the show late at night, it's harder to stop. Better spend an evening with friends or reading an interesting book.


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