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Series Fitness 2 season watch online from May 23, 2019 (START | Super)

Второй сезон русского сериала Фитнес: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 серии

The series Fitness is a new and promising comedy series from Black, Yellow and White. He earned high audience ratings back in 2018, when the first season of the series was released. “Fitness” combines everything that the Russian audience loves so much: sports, proper nutrition (including diets) and good entertaining humor. The other day, the pilot release of the continuation of the Fitness series has already started. The exact release date for the second season at Start is March 23, 2019. I, the most devoted fans, can watch all episodes online even before broadcasting on TV at . In the second season, our heroes are waiting for new adventures and even more thrown off kilograms and funny jokes.

Before watching, we recommend refreshing your memory and recall the plot of the first season of the series.

The main character is Asya, a saleswoman, quite happy with her appearance and kilograms. She literally does not notice excess weight. But, in preparation for the wedding, her future husband admits that the guy is no longer happy with Asina's figure. From this moment, the heroine's ideal life begins to crumble. It appears that not only her fiancé is dissatisfied with Asi's figure. The girl is a secret subject of ridicule of her best friends! But Asya does not give up, but decides to correct the situation and sign up for a fitness center. However, here, too, fortune is not on Asi's side; a subscription to classes is too expensive. Now, in order to become better and to prove to everyone around that she is beautiful, Asa will have to get a job in a fitness club, because the club employees can practice there for free ...

Despite all her fears and a non-standard appearance, the girl easily conquers the team and makes new friends. And the cherished goal in a pair of numbers on the scales every day is getting closer. By the way, the series was shot on a real sports ground, built and designed specifically for him.

In the second season, the audience will have great humor, a beautiful plot and many new actors. All Fitness series -2 can be viewed online for free and in high quality at . Series are available for Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world. You can watch season 2 of the series on your computer, tablet or android smartphone right now without any restrictions. Write your comments and feedback about what exactly you liked the most in the new season.


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