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The series "Filfak" season number 2: when will the plot description of the series!

Filfak season 2! The series "Filfak" appeared on our screens in the spring of 2017 and immediately attracted the attention of both the ordinary viewer and professional critic equally. The fact that TNT will release a new series about students has been known for several years already, and against the background of the completion of the show “Univer” and its sequels, many have expressed the opinion that the new comedy about students is being made to replace it.

Later it turned out that these series will not compete with each other and will show them independently. So, one of these days the first season of this comic project from “Good Storey Media” ended, and it became interesting for everyone - when will the 2nd season of Philfack come out ?

The series is difficult to compare with the "Univer" is simple, but it is easy to do it, if you mix the "New Community" and "Real Kids", by the way from the same studio. Three students of nerds (Misha, Roma, Zhenya), two Gopnik-athlete (Boryan and Slavs) and many girls, among whom each of the characters can find a beauty for every taste. Yes, yes, because the main female roles went to Alexandra Bortich and Violette Davydovskaya. Botanists need first-ever sex, girls need sincere love, and athletes need their philologists to be afraid of them, and each achieves their goals in their own way.

But we were distracted, forgot to answer the main question - when will Filfack season 2 come? So, the answer is - the new series will be released on TNT this fall, in 2017.

According to materials from the site: http://filfak.info/


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