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Description of the series Eleon Season 2: first impressions after the release

Finally, on May 15, the premiere of the latest episode of the comedy series Eleon Hotel Season 2 from the STS TV channel took place. Fans have been waiting for this moment since the fall of 2016, when the first season ended. Now you can not worry about the quality of the video, or the speed of its download, because all of them with new series are posted on YouTube, which eliminates all these problems. The new season will be a continuation of the history of the hotel and its employees, who can not safely live weekdays, and constantly plunge somewhere.

Alekhin leaves the hospital, where he was treated after the last exchange of fire last season, and goes to the hotel. Dasha takes this visit on his account, and thinks that he came to avenge her and Julia. The oligarch didn’t really want to kill them, but simply to talk - he came into the room from which he was later carried out, thanks to the girls and Nikita. After these events, Alekhine was taken to the hospital, where he later fell into a coma.

Mish Djekovic can not decide between their ladies, as before there was not one, so now as many as two at the same time want to be with him. At the expense of Eleanor, then Jekovic loved her for a long time, but after meeting with Sofia, this feeling faded to the owner of the hotel. Black's heart lies with the young steward, who in season 2 also wants to be with him - this is mutual love, only Eleanor with envy can break her. All this can be seen in the series "Hotel Eleon", the new series of which are available for free viewing on our website. All of them are available in HD quality and in the official player.

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