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Hotel Eleon fresh season: plot, trailer, release date, series description!

The new season 2 of the series Hotel Eleon comes out this spring on the channel STS. The audience is looking forward to this new premiere of 2017, which can be safely called one of the best shows on the STS channel. So, what will happen in the new season? Although there are already his fresh announcements, the plot itself is at the level of rumors. According to some photos from the filming that have already appeared on the Internet, the main intrigue of the new series will be the novel by Pavlik, the nephew of Eleanor and Christina, the former wife of Nagiyev, who now owns half of the business.

If you want on the Internet, you can also find descriptions of the first few episodes of season 2, for which it is clear - there will be even more passions, and even more humor. The date of the launch of the new Hotel Eleon is scheduled for the beginning of May 2017, and soon we will see our favorite and most delicious comedy. It is expected that, as in the case of other common STS channel projects and video portal VideoMoru, the premiere releases can be watched live a few days before they are shown on TV.

Анонс второго сезона! Trailer / Announcement of the second season!

Eleon 2 season:

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