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Team B (2018) - a new Russian series about astronauts and love!

Сериал Команда Б все серии смотреть до эфира (2018)

Team B is the new Russian comedy on the STS channel. Her genre is very interesting, it is a comedy fiction with which they have not experimented on Russian TV for a long time. You can, of course, recall the TV series Humanoids in Korolyov and Bunker, or scientists underground - but who now remembers them? But the new series Team B was released in early February 2018 and immediately attracted the attention of many - not only viewers, but even people far from the series, and even those who do not watch TV at all. The reason is in its plot. Team B tells us about the Russian lunar program. Yes, here the Russians are going to fly to the moon to get ahead of the Americans, who are also preparing the first manned flight in a couple of decades. Everyone knows that outside the TV, in real life, the Russian cosmonautics have a lot of problems - and therefore the new comedy looks both funny and sad. While some are preparing a mission to Mars, others want to conquer the moon again - even if only in a humorous program.

The second reason why the series Team B began to be watched online by millions of viewers is the well-known, one might say, famous actors who act in the top-rated projects of our time. The main male role is Vladimir Yaglych, the star of Youth and Family Business, and the main female role is Nastasya Samburskaya, the infamous actress from Univer. Mikhail Efremov, who does not need to be introduced, actors from the Kitchen Mikhail Tarabukin and Valeria Fedorovich, the star of three seasons Fizruk Jan Tsapnik and other celebrities also got into the star (or rather, the lunar) team. Everyone who managed to get bored with their idols can now see them together in one television series!

The Team B series schedule is rather unusual. Although the official release date was set for February 19, they can be watched online a week earlier, and several episodes a day come out at once - what a gift for a real fan! As of today, ten episodes have already been released, and another ten will be released in a couple of days - in total the first season consists of twenty episodes. We will see the formation of real heroes - from the acquaintance of losers with each other in the first series to space flight in the twentieth.

There are five people in space team B, which duplicates team A, the real astronauts. The commander and first pilot is Misha Volkov. He is one of the best pilots in the world, but because of problems with discipline, he ended up first in civilian life and then in the dock, and for him, participating in this project is an alternative to prison. This condition was set by Uncle General. The group’s senior researcher is Svetlana, a beautiful and strict blonde who, although she loves to conduct space research, prefers to do this in a cozy office, rather than in orbit. Yegor was appointed as the second pilot - a young womanizer who understands any technique that can ride, fly or sail, but most of all understands how to ruin the entire female composition of Star City. The team’s doctor is Stas, and by what criteria an impartial computer selected him, no one knows, because this person does not know how to do anything. The top five eccentrics are completed by Alexander Ruban, a special forces soldier, who is such a soldier in a skirt that does not even consider herself a woman, and is almost an ideal machine. True, sometimes simple human feelings are not alien to her.

The newly-minted astronauts have only a few months to prove that they are better than Team A and American flyers, and there is no right to make a mistake, the Homeland will not forgive - it will laugh!



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