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Former season 2, 2019 is even better than the first?

Бывшие 2 сезон 2019 смотреть онлайн: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 серии

A couple of days ago, the premiere finally appeared on the network, which we waited for several years. We are talking about the series Former Season 2 , released on Channel One in 2019. We still do not really know about when the continuation of this series will be released on the First, but it is already well known that right now this series can be watched online on the Internet without waiting for the official broadcast.

Let's start by recalling what exactly this series is and whether it really was worth the whole three years to wait to see its new series. So, the series Former became known thanks to its directness, and in the second season it became even more expressive. For example, if earlier only a pistol was shown in it, now they really shoot from it, like from the well-known Chekhov rifle. But let's talk about everything in order.

The first season of the series Former ended on the fact that Yana tried to disrupt the wedding of Ilya and Olga, applying for it and demanding that the main character finally decide who he wants to be with. As we saw at the beginning of the new season, Ilya still chose his bride, and they all safely forgot about the existence of Yana.

True, she soon recalled herself again. The girl urgently needs money, and she knows where to get it - from her mother’s former lover, who robbed their family. She herself does not want to deal with him, she needs a solid man's ear in this. At first she turned to Andrei, offered to earn a lot of money by spending a lot of time, but he immediately refused, remembering that he had already almost ended up in prison. Now he began a new life, he has a completely legitimate job, a new girl and plans to live the rest of his life as an honest man.

Ilya managed to find problems for himself even without Yana, first contacted the sweepstakes, and then he started drinking again. Because of this, he spent the money that he and his wife saved for the future, and now urgently needs to put it back in the nest egg until no one knows anything. Yana, having learned that her "friend" was in trouble, offered to earn easy money with great risk, and he agreed, out of hopelessness. Starting to play again with fire, he very quickly ignited a real fire, from which not only he, but also many people dear to him could burn.

While Andrei is looking for where to get the money, Alexander, Yana’s dad, is looking for where to put it - to hide what he and his boss stole from organs that might be of interest to them. Upon learning that Andrei had big problems, he also offered him money - well, Andrei can’t refuse anymore, his life rushes along the slope again, and the abyss is getting closer ...

All fans of excellent serial soundtracks were also pleased with the music from the series Former 2 season . Songs from all episodes can be downloaded for free or listen online in the "Music" section of the site Recall also that the rating of the 2nd season of “Former” broke the record of the first, and, with a high degree of probability, we will have a new season 3 of the series Former ahead.


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