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Where to watch Fort Boyard 2019 online in high quality?

Форт Боярд 2019 смотреть онлайн: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 серии

Twenty years ago, on the NTV channel, and several years later, on the First Channel, the Fort Boyard program was broadcast, which most of you, of course, remember well. True, the fate of the show in Russia somehow did not work out. Due to organizational and financial problems, the NTV channel, which initially showed it, stopped showing many programs, including this one, and Channel One in the early 2010s also showed only one season, after which the game we know from childhood, again put on the shelf. A couple of years passed, and at first incomprehensible events began to occur.

That one, then another Russian celebrity - and these were actors, bloggers, and singers, was spotted at the airport, either flying to France, or returning from it. In addition, a couple of stars posted on social networks photos and videos of work on a project whose name could not be called. Some even suggested that their subscribers guess what kind of show they were talking about, and over time it turned out that they were shooting some kind of game and doing it at sea. Then the first timid comments appeared, "Fort Boyard?" - and their authors really turned out to be right. Yes, Fort Boyard is coming to Russia for the third time, this time on the STS channel, whose producers decided that they need to give the game a third chance. The decision was made personally by Vyacheslav Murugov, the general director of STS Media holding and the general producer of the TV channel - and he has behind him the experience of very successful projects such as Molodezhka, Closed School, Kitchen and so on.

Right now you can watch the new season of Fort Boyards 2019 online , which in essence is a full-fledged restart called “Fort Boyards: Return”, its creators have relied on the stars. If you return to the origins, then in the original French show, ordinary people first took part, and then they began to invite celebrities. It is interesting that neither one nor the other went to the transfer for money - according to the rules of the show, the prize gold is exchanged for real money, but this is not a reward for the participants. Everything that is won is donated to charity, but players can choose what to donate money to.

Therefore, the celebrities who went to the broadcast here are definitely not for prizes - but rather, either to remind themselves again, or to test themselves. There are very different people here - and Olga Buzova, who is a singer and TV presenter, and Denis Nikiforov, an actor of serious roles, and Sergey Svetlakov. Gum star. And at the head of all this is Monsieur Schnur - the famous musician Sergei Shnurov, who now decided to try himself in this role.


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