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What to see in 2019? The best series look at

Perfect evening after a hard day: favorite TV series and a delicious dinner - the best script. Is not it so? “Well, I’ll see one episode while I’m cooking dinner, then another while I’m eating,” you think, and then it’s so tense that it’s not off. Why does this happen and there is serial dependence?

New series in 2019 bring people joy, in the 21st century watching TV shows became available not only on TV, but also online. In our access, all the seasons of the series (if the series has already passed, but remains on the list of favorites), or you have to wait for the release of a new series the day. The most common technique that makes us stick to the screens is the open ending of each series.

“They broke off again in the most interesting place” - a cry of indignation arises in my head and the hand itself stretches to press “watch the next series” (those who watch the series on the Internet have such happiness), but if on TV you have to wait another day. provide an opportunity to choose the best series of the genre that suits you. Here are posted weekly reviews and descriptions of the new series of 2017-2019, which we recommend that you watch online from your computer or smartphone. Our site is 90% dedicated to the Russian TV shows of TNT and STS, because these channels produce a really high-quality product. But here you can also find Ukrainian and American TV shows that are really worth your attention.

Rating and description of the series of 2017-2019!

World of the Wild West 2 season 1-10 series (2018)

Ivanov-Ivanov season 2 - release date in March 2018.

Comedy series "Team B" about astronauts from STS (February, 2018)

Island 2 season online (2018). Release date of the season 3 television series!

Team B (2018) - a new Russian series about astronauts and love!

Olga season 2 and 3 (2017-2018): stories, episode description and release date.

Game of Thrones Season 7: schedule of the release of all series and viewing online!

Eleon season 2: first impressions after the release of the series

When will Filbac 2 season be released on TNT?

Eleon Hotel is a fresh season: plot, announcement, release of the series!

Univer New Dorm 2017 - episode release date!

A policeman with a ruble in Beskudnikovo - what to expect from the second season?

Season 4 of the series "Fizruk" - release date in May!


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